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Virtual PA London provides business administrative support to companies and individuals globally - did you know that hiring a Virtual Assistant for 2hrs per day is just as effective as having a full time PA onboard at a fraction of the cost?

Our aim is to take away your time consuming tasks that we excel at which allows you to focus on what really matters and driving your business forward - outsourcing to the experts at Virtual PA London will allow you to do this.

We offer a wide selection of administrative services to you and your team - with years of corporate experience under our belts, rest assured you are in safe hands.

Inbox & Diary Management
Do you require inbox & diary management?
Monthly Board Pack
Have you collated and circulated your monthly board pack?
Social Media
Posted your daily contents upon social media to get your brand out there?

A Virtual Personal Assistant carry out all essential work on your behalf for your business. An experienced Virtual Personal Assistant can give proper growth of your small as well as large business.

A virtual PA host various types of services like digital marketing, scheduling appointments, event management, Inbox / Diary Management, Social Media control, etc. for a business entrepreneur. You can make your assistant do almost anything that your work demands.

Virtual Personnel Assistant uses highly trained professionals who administer the day to day task. These services are generally outsourced working remotely. Virtual Assistant is not an employee of any organization but rather works on a contract basis saving the cost of the company.

The main difference between a Personal assistant and Virtual PA is, a personal assistant work in the office of the employer and on the other hand a Virtual PA work for an employer in a remote location. This is the main positive point that a Virtual Personal Assistant has.


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