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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
We understand the difficulty in choosing the best fit for your company if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 287 4666 or email us here
General Questions

Will I work with the same Virtual Assistant?

Yes, you will have a dedicate Virtual Assistant who you will be able to chose during the interview process.

What happens when my Virtual Assistant goes on holiday?

Your support will remain the same, we will provide appropriate cover, ensuring a smooth handover transition.

Can I swap my Virtual Assistant?

Yes of course, in the unlikely event things do not work out, we will work together to find a suitable replacement.

Can my Virtual Assistant attend meetings / events if required?

Yes, if your Virtual Assistant is happy to do so. Your Virtual Assistant’s time and travel will be expensed.

How does my Virtual Assistant access my mailbox?

Your Virtual Assistant will be set up your company infrastructure and you will be able to set permissions on their access.

How will I contact my Virtual Assistant?

Your Virtual Assistant will be fully contactable throughout the day via email, phone, text and WhatsApp (whichever method works best for you).

What is the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an in-house PA?

The only one difference is that your Virtual Assistant will not be based in your office – task wise, your Virtual Assistant is able to carry out exactly the same tasks as an in-house PA without having the associated costs of an FTE.

Do you only operate in London?

We provide support across the UK and all Virtual Assistant are based in the UK, mainly in and around London.