Human Resource Management

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Human resource management emphasizes on enhancing the productivity of a workplace. Your skilled Virtual Assistant is able to manage your HR ensuring that your company continues to maximise its success. We optimise the effectiveness of the employees through our strategic management system. Our HR services include;

We can help you manage your businesses profile. This includes; managing compensation structures, evaluating competitive pay, managing company health cover and handling retirement funds.
Hiring an experienced HR manager can make the recruitment process run flawlessly. Your Human resource manager will skillfully assist you in various areas of recruitment including; job specifications, job advertisement, screening applicant CVs, interviewing candidates, checking references and onboarding new employees.
Our company equally promotes training in specific areas of development. Our training services include; job specific training, relevant company training, company structure and culture training and professional development.
HR Compliance
A highly skilled HR manager can help you organise your business ensuring you are HR complaint in all areas, this includes; GDPR, employee handbooks, managing hiring procedures and policies, managing workplace safety and handling relevant law requirements and regulations.