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Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant will help you to maximise your valuable time. A Virtual Personal Assistant can take care of all small and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on your business and generating profit. Our highly skilled Personal Assistants are trained to handle all of your administrative tasks. Our Virtual Personal Assistant service includes;

Inbox & Diary Management
Our Virtual Personal Assistants are highly skilled and have years of experience when it comes to managing tasks such as; managing your diary and inbox, responding to emails, email filtering and filing, scheduling appointments, managing diary clashes and logistical planning.
Document Control
As a business leader, non-value-added tasks are time consuming and divert your attention from potential growth. A Virtual Personal Assistant can effectively manage all documentation for your business including; agenda planning, minute taking and managing actions, PowerPoint presentation and online filing systems.
Travel & Expenses
A Virtual Personal Assistant can perform high-level tasks such as; organisation of travel bookings, logistics and itineraries and reconciling expenses. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to travel and expenses system i.e. arranging visas and travel insurances and private jet sourcing.
Event Planning
Manage office events relentlessly with the help of a Virtual Personal Assistant. PA’s can efficiently handle tasks like venue sourcing, budget control, corporate entertainment and dinners, logistical planning and event project management.